Equine Photographer Lincolnshire

 Our equines will always be a part of our family and we would certainly be lost without them! From clinics and competitions to beach rides or strolls in the countryside, “for no minute spent in the saddle is wasted.” However, you don’t have to ride your loving equine to enjoy one of my many photoshoot packages!

I am an equine photographer in Lincolnshire who specialises in capturing the perfect moments between you and your four-legged best friend! Being a horse owner myself, I understand what it is like having thousands of photos on your phone of your horses but no professional photos or any with you!

So let’s change that and capture gorgeous photos of both you and your equine!

Capturing that perfect photo

You may have so many random photos of them stood grazing or stood in their stable but not many professional photos of them looking elegant and gorgeous with their ears forward and eyes open! But this is where my photography skill set, and trained eye can capture that special something that you love about your equine best friend!

With a range of different packages to choose from, I can cater for nearly all requests I receive. From portrait photos to beach rides or clinics, we can capture memories which you can cherish forever.

But how do we create this?

Equine Photographer Lincolnshire

Our Process as a leading Equine Photographer in Lincolnshire:

Step 1

Send me a quick message using my contact form and ensure that you fill in all the relevant information. Please tell me if there is any specific reason for booking the photoshoot!

Step 2

Once i have received this, I will get in touch to organise your consultation call where we can discuss ideas, dates, locations, and of course your gorgeous equine! (After all this is all about them!)

Once we have had our consultation call, I will send across your Photoshoot guide which will detail everything that you’ll need to know and do before the important day arrives.

Step 3

It is the exciting day of  your photoshoot and it’s time to enjoy the fun part! I will assess the area and pick the best location, depending on the weather and the position of the sun.  

We will choose several different backdrops within the location as well as walking to any other location nearby (within a 10-minute walking distance.)

Step 4

Whilst the photoshoot has come to an end, it is not entirely over just yet. Within 2 weeks of your photoshoot, I will be in touch to send you your digital photos. We will then discuss any additional purchases such as:

Further digital photos

Prints (Framed or unframed)

Keepsake boxes

All photos on a memory stick

If you would like to book your gorgeous equine in for an unforgettable photoshoot, get in touch today and let’s make your dreams come true and capture memories which will be unforgettable!

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