Dog Photographer Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, South Yorkshire

Dog Photographer Lincolnshire

There is no denying that dogs are a part of your family, and you would be lost without them, from their cheeky personality to their sweet cuddles and loving.

As a pet owner myself, I have so many photos of them (90% of my camera roll is of my pets) but are they professional photos which you can transform into wall art or framed photos… that is where I come in as your dog Photographer Lincolnshire.

I have been photographing a variety of different animals since I can remember and throughout the years, I have learnt some of the best angles, cutest shots, and memorable images.

As a dog photographer Lincolnshire, I have not only developed a strong portfolio for the best shots, but I have also found some great locations which I often recommend to all my clients.

The best sceneries for a dog photoshoot often are woodlands, the beach, or areas with flowers, such as blue bell, daisies, and buttercups.

But what is involved in my canine photoshoots?

When choosing me as your dog photographer Lincolnshire, I will spend the time discussing over email or the phone about you and your dog and any ideas which you may have. Our first chat could be considered as the most important chat as this is the time we begin planning for the exciting day.

I will explain the process and how the day will go along with deciding on a location for the shoot, whether this is your favourite dog walking route, the woods, beach, or an open field. Once we have selected a date and got you booked in, I will email across your welcome pack which includes everything you may need to know for the idea as well as tips and trick and different photo ideas.

If you are worried about being in front of the camera, fear not as I always ensure that my photoshoots are stress – free, relaxing, and completely non-judgemental. However, if you really don’t want to be in front of the camera then we can certainly accommodate this.

Dog Photographer Lincolnshire

Dog Photographer Lincolnshire

Whilst I allow my photoshoots to be two hours long, the main reason for this is to avoid clock watching and rushing – everything is calm and we also know what animals are like, they never tend to do as they are told when we really need them to!

Once the photoshoot is over, I will give you a business card with my website on it, as well as my contact details and I will get home to start going through all of our images and pick out the best ones. I will then individually edit each one and post them into your private gallery on my website for you to see and choose.

I am always on hand to offer guidance and help with wall art, photo frames, and prints for any images you choose. I offer a number of different products to choose, from prints and digitals to canvases and photo albums.

If you would like to find out more about my dog photoshoots, get in touch today and I will always be happy to help.

As a dog photographer Lincolnshire, I don’t limit my travelling to just this county, in fact I can travel across the UK. But mileage fees will apply, and I often recommend group photoshoots for further afield clients!

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